Henry {WW #112}

I had so much fun with this little guy and his family this evening. The light and weather were perfect! Henry is 6 weeks old but is so tiny! He was only 5lbs at birth and now he is around 8lbs. I took these in RAW format. I am loving it! I don’t think I will be going back to JPEG. They are just so gorgeous and full of depth. Did you see my post yesterday about RAW or JPEG? If you haven’t switched, you should try it out.

DSC_2777 copy
DSC_3037 copy DSC_3068 copy

DSC_2838 copy

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  1. These are so sweet! I love the black and white of mom and dad adoring the baby.

  2. wow! I mean really those are just wonderful. I have to go read up on your raw vs, jpg.

    I’m curious if you are talking about uploading raw onto your website. My understanding is that they are rather large files.

  3. So cute and tiny! Thank you for offering the linky. I’ve added my WW and added your button to my blogroll. I’ve invited you to join my monthly link party on another post.

    ~ Bethany

  4. So precious and the color is gorgeous too!

  5. Such a sweetie! I hope you were able to snuggle him a little. :) I love shooting in RAW. Space was an issue at first but the price of external hard drives is reasonable enough that I was able to make the switch.

  6. what a precious baby & beautiful family. I love the contrast that RAW offers, however, the larger file sizes and the seemingly extensive editing make me leery of taking photos in RAW mode. I shoot a lot of photos at one time & I’d likely run out of space on my card.

  7. I love that last one! Great shot!

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful photos. RAW scares me as far as space on my computer, etc. I’ll have to go read your comparison.

  10. Love this first photo. So cute! This makes me want to have another baby.(oh boy!)