Angry Birds Star Wars | Dustyn’s 5th Birthday Smash

Saturday the 23rd we had Dustyn’s Angry Birds Star Wars Birthday Smash! He is really into the Star Wars version of Angry Birds. His favorite bird is Chewbacca and he can make all the sounds of the birds & pigs.  I didn’t go all out like last year for a couple reasons. It was waaayyyy too stressful. Dustyn, and Carsyn were both sick the week before the party so I didn’t get as much done. I think it still turned out fun though.


Angry Birds Star Wars Games & Favors:

I found coloring pages online and printed them out for the kids to color. I bought Darth Vader masks at Walmart for the kids to put together and wear. I found BINGO cards on Etsy and bought them. Kids loved playing Bingo and they got Angry Birds Puzzle Erasers when they got BINGO! The Favor bags came from the Dollar Section at Target. It came in a bag already, had a coloring book, crayons and stickers.  Easy, Peasy!

Angry Birds Star Wars Games & Favors

Angry Birds Star Wars Decorations & Apparel:

Amazon had these awesome stickers. I used them for decorations for the party and then after the party I moved them to Dustyn’s room. He loves them. I found Dustyn’s Angry Birds Star Wars shirt on sale at Target. It was green and perfect for him to wear to his party. I also found images on google and made a few signs for the party.

Angry Birds Star Wars Apparel

Angry Birds Star Wars Food:

Haute Tart provided the cake toppers for his party on Saturday. She is so very  talented! The detail was amazing, plus they tasted good too! She does a lot of awesome cake & cupcake toppers. She has a Facebook Page where she posts a lot of photos of her toppers. She did Dustyn’s Angry Birds cake toppers last year and Carsyn’s Pirate cake toppers.

Angry Birds Star Wars Cake Toopers

Crafty Treets sent figures which were really cool. Dustyn LOVED these. He thought they were so neat. We used these on Dustyn’s cupcake cake that we took to school on his actual birthday. My friend Kimberly made the cupcakes and put them together to look like the Death Star planet which was so neat.

Angry Birds Star Wars Cake Toppers

It was so much fun and much less stressful this year. The kids had a blast and Dustyn really enjoyed it.


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  1. Thanks for showcasing the bingo sheets! The party looked awesome!

  2. I showed the images above to my 4 yrs old son the other day and got excited… I ‘ve never seen him like this before… he can’t wait for his party on Friday! thanks for your ideas!

  3. joannapinkbird says:

    The birthday cake is great…. I never thought of doing an angry birds party for my kids… but seems a lot of fun!

  4. You are such a fun party planner! Love the cakes!!

  5. What fun! Love that cake!! So glad he had a great birthday :)

  6. Let the force be with you sweet Dustyn. xo

  7. Taking notes! My son loves, loves Angry Bird Star Wars and has already requested that as his theme! Adorable pics!

  8. Looks like a lot of fun! So many good ideas and yay for the quick & easy goodie bags. A belated happy 5th birthday to Dustyn!

  9. That cupcake cake is so cool!! Looks like a great birthday!

  10. Looks perfect! A stress free party is the best party!

  11. So cute! I got my nephews the Angry Birds Star Wars Death Star Jenga game awhile back and they loved it. (But really what’s not to love about Angry Birds and Star Wars?) Love the cute little cupcakes for his birthday too. Looks like a great day!